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Preset Series 01 & 02

Preset Series 01 & 02


Grab both sets 01 & 02 and save some dough.

Preset Series_01

Series_01 includes 14 Lightroom Presets:
– 3 Black & White Presets
– 3 Moody Presets
– 3 Night Presets
– 5 Clean Presets


Preset Series_02

8 of my most used presets over the past year. Each preset is unique and a strong base to get your photos moving in the right direction.

Cold Creme
Color Games
Even Marble
Soft Touch
Strong Hold

Snow Walk
True Grain

These presets were created to suit a variety of photography types including cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, architecture, and products. They can work for any photo with basic Lightroom and Photoshop skills.

They are meant to give your photo a good starting point. Most of the time you'll need to adjust things slightly. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Compatible with Adobe Lightroom® CC/6 to version 4 , OSX & Windows.

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